Contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative to traditional eyeglasses. When prescribed by a reliable eye doctor, contact lenses provide comfort and confidence for millions of ophthalmology patients.


Once you get used to the process, putting in your contact lenses becomes routine. Since proper contact lens care is critical to your eye health, it’s essential to make sure you don’t get lazy with how you care for your contact lenses.


Here are some contact lens mistakes you should avoid to keep your eye health at its best.


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Contact Lens Wearers Make


Since contact lenses are applied directly to your eye, following proper care habits is essential to avoid eye infections and other eye-related issues. Here are some common mistakes contact lens wearers make:


1.   Wearing Your Lenses Longer Than Recommended


Most contact lenses are designed to be worn from 1 to 30 days before replacement, but specialty contact lenses wear times vary. Old lenses become coated with bacteria and buildup of cleaning solutions and other residues. Although it might be more convenient and cost-effective to extend your lenses’ lifespan, it increases your risk of infection.


Follow your doctor’s recommendations closely when it comes to your replacement schedule. If staying on schedule is a challenge, consider using daily lenses.


2.   Improper Care of Your Contact Case


Contact cases can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Many ophthalmology patients don’t realize the contamination risk that comes from contact cases. Never reuse or top off contact lens solutions in your case. Instead, replace your lens solution after every use. Wash your case with clean fingers and contact lens solution before wiping it try with a clean, lint-free towel. Don’t use water. Replace your case every three months.


3.   Wearing Your Contacts While You Sleep


Unless you have a specialty lens designed to be slept in, you should always remove your contacts before you fall asleep. Leaving contact lenses in blocks oxygen from reaching your cornea, leading to a severe eye condition called corneal neovascularization. Wearing your contacts while you sleep can also cause ulcers, red eyes, vision loss, pain, tears in the cornea, and eye infections. The more often you sleep with your contacts, the higher your risk of vision loss.


4.   Using the Wrong Lens Solutions


There are several different types of contact lenses available, and they all come with different sensitivities. Consult your eye doctor before choosing a lens solution. You need to make sure that it’s compatible with your specific lens and that it extends the life of your lenses.


5.   Improper Handwashing Before Handling Your Lenses


Even when you’re in a rush, it’s imperative to follow proper handwashing guidelines when handling your lenses. Dirty hands can transfer hundreds of different kinds of bacteria onto your contact lenses and into your eyes. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap before cleaning, disinfecting, or applying your contact lenses. Be sure to rinse your hands thoroughly, as well.


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