Studies estimate that the average person is responsible for 4.5 pounds of trash per day and 1.5 tons of solid waste per year. Although around 75% of our waste is recyclable, only 30% of our waste is recycled. Why the drastic difference?


Since recycling isn’t a mandated law, how much we recycle depends on our individual efforts. If you own a small business, recycling can benefit your environment and save you money. Creating a small business recycling program can help you lessen your economic footprint and protect the environment. Here’s how to start!


Start Your Own Small Business Recycling Program


Every business can make extra efforts to be more sustainable, no matter their size. If you’re looking to pump up your recycling efforts, you can start a recycling program with these easy steps.


1.   Evaluate Your Waste


Before you create a plan, you need to determine how much and what types of reusable waste your business collects. Do a simple waste audit to collect waste for three days. Use clear bags so you can distinguish waste bin collections from recycling bin collections. At the end of the audit period, weigh the bags and record your information. Evaluate what percentage of your waste is paper, cans and bottles, and solid waste.


2.   Create a Plan to Collect


If you’re a small business, you most likely use either a municipal or private waste removal company to collect your trash. Since most waste removal companies focus solely on garbage removal, you need to find an affordable recycling company to manage your recycling every week.


3.   Choose Your Bins


The amount of waste you’ve discovered in your waste audit will determine your recycling container needs. Depending on your budget and your business’s layout, you might choose a recycling system that offers individual containers to each employee at their desk. This is a great way to expose employees to the practice of recycling. If you need help picking suitable bins for your business, you can talk to your local recycling company for assistance.


4.   Advertise


Clear graphics, impressive signage, and word-of-mouth are critical to the success of your program. This will help people understand your new program and inspire them to support your efforts. In addition to flyers and posters explaining our new program, use creative signage to mark recycling bins. Employees and customers will become more familiar with your program and have no question about how waste should be sorted.


5.   Educate


Once your program is underway, communicate with your employees and co-workers. Train them on the benefits of recycling so that they can understand the value of your program. Keep an eye on how your program is working, and make changes as you see fit. Most importantly, stay dedicated and excited. Your excitement for the program will rub off on those around you and make your program that much more successful.


Contact a Local Recycling Company for Support


If you’re ready to begin a new recycling program at your workplace, congratulations. You are taking an important step to positively impact your community and save our ecosystem. Contact a San Bernardino recycling company to schedule your recyclable waste pickup!