Commercial plumbing involves large and complicated systems. Even a minor plumbing issue can mean major trouble for our business. Commercial plumbing issues don’t only impact the comfort of your employees and customers. They can significantly impact your daily operations.


If you own or manage a commercial property, it’s vital to catch issues early on. So, how do you know that you need commercial plumbing service? Let’s explore some common signs that your plumbing system needs repair.


4 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Plumber


Commercial plumbing issues can cause significant property damage if you don’t call a commercial plumber immediately at the first sign of a problem. Here are the most common signs your commercial plumbing system needs to be inspected by a professional.


1.   Slow Drains and Toilets


If the water in your commercial sinks or toilets is slow to drain, there is typically a clog somewhere along the drain pipes. While small clogs can be fixed by removing the blockage, larger clogs require professional drain cleaning. When clogs travel further down a drainpipe, they can affect your entire plumbing system. Whether you have a significant clog or a small one, you need a professional plumber to inspect your drain lines and fix the problem immediately. The longer you wait to fix a clogged drain, the more you risk costly damage that can ruin your entire plumbing system.


2.   Pipe Leaks


Leaky pipes can cause significant water damage to your property. While some leaks are apparent, others can occur within your business walls and be hard to detect. If you notice water spots or puddles, you should call a local plumber right away. Low water pressure can also be a sign of a hidden leak. Since water damage and leaky pipes can require your business to close for repairs, it’s imperative to act fast at the first sign of a problem.



3.   No Hot Water


For some businesses, lack of hot water can be a nuisance that frustrates employees and customers. For others, hot water is vital to business operations. Many restaurant and medical businesses need hot water to stay in compliance with local health department requirements. Regardless of how you use hot water for your business, lack of hot water negatively impacts everyone’s comfort. If you notice a problem with your hot water, call a plumber immediately for repairs.


4.   Discolored Water


As your plumbing system ages, brown or yellow tinted water is a sign of corrosion. While some discolored water is caused by a temporary issue with a major pipeline from your local water source, you will most likely need pipe replacement if discoloration doesn’t go away. Calling a plumber doesn’t just help you prevent significant damage. It also saves you from embarrassment when your customers report yellow or brown water at your business.


Contact a Reliable Local Plumber for Commercial Repairs


Commercial plumbing repairs require a licensed plumber with experience in handling the complexity of commercial plumbing systems. If you need a Whittier plumber, contact One Way Rooter to schedule an appointment.