Trying to figure out what to do with your dog while you’re traveling for work or going on a family vacation is tough! If you can’t find someone to take your dog while you’re away, a long-term dog boarding facility is a great option.


When you find a suitable boarding facility for your dog, they’ll get loving care from trained staff all day long. Let’s explore some tips to help you choose the best boarding for your furry friend.


7 Tips to Find a Reliable Long Term Dog Boarding Facility


Your dog is an extension of your family, and you want to find someone you can genuinely trust to care for them while you’re away. These tips will help you find a caring and qualified boarding facility:


1.   Take a Tour


Before you choose a boarding facility, you should ask to take a tour. Any reputable business will be happy to show you around and make sure you are comfortable. Ask any questions you have during the tour.


2.   Ask About Daily Routine


Routines are essential for dogs. Ask the boarding staff to describe a regular daily routine for an animal at their facility. Be sure they provide time for exercise and socialization. Find a boarding service that maximizes social interaction so your dog doesn’t feel lonely while you’re away. Ask about overnight care and feeding as well.


3.   Look for Amenities


Some dogs have difficulty coping with boarding. Be sure to find a service that offers amenities that make your animal feel safe and comfortable while you are away. You want to be sure your dog is physically and mentally stimulated and not just left in a crate alone.


4.   Find a Clean Facility


Find a facility that’s focused on cleanliness. You should get a sense of this when you go on your tour. A clean environment will keep your dog safe. Ask about vaccination requirements. A clean facility will ensure your dog stays in great health!


5.   Choose a Facility Staffed 24 Hours a Day


Choose a facility that has staff available 24 hours a day. Your dog should not be alone, especially when in an unfamiliar environment. Make sure a staff person is always available to keep your dog safe and respond quickly to an emergency.


6.   Discuss Medical Conditions


If your dog requires medication or extra medical care, discuss this with staff before scheduling your boarding. Find a boarding service with experienced and knowledgeable staff. Ask if anyone has training administering medications. Discuss their experience with your dog’s specific condition. The more comfortable the team is with animals with medical conditions, the safer your dog will be while you are away.


7.   Ask About Emergency Care


While you don’t want to imagine an emergency while you are gone, ask about emergency policies. Find someone with access to a 24-hour veterinarian or animal hospital. Discuss how they handle emergencies, so you have peace of mind that your dog will receive prompt care if an emergency arises.


Find a High-Quality, Affordable Boarding Service in Chino


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