The divorce process is a highly emotional time in your life. You are dealing with many changes at once, and complicated emotions leave you feeling vulnerable. Divorce is rarely easy, and even the most amicable divorces can get messy at times. As tensions run high, you don’t want to let your emotions take charge.


Since financial, practical, family, and emotional details have to be negotiated, it’s natural for couples to make mistakes through the legal process. However, some mistakes can leave you with guilt and regret, especially as they affect your future.


10 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Your Divorce


Talk to any of the top divorce lawyers in your area and they will tell you that you shouldn’t make poor decisions in the heat of the moment. Here are some mistakes you should work hard to avoid as you’re going through a divorce.


1.   Don’t Use Your Children as Pawns.


All of the mistakes on this list are critical to your future, but this is probably the most important. Children need a supportive environment as they navigate their feelings and emotions through the divorce process. While divorce is a life-changing process for everyone involved, it can be challenging for children to deal with their family life and daily routine changes. Don’t use your kids to punish or manipulate your spouse. In the end, they’ll go on to deal with a lot of resentment, which can harm your relationship and your child’s future.


2.   Don’t Jump into Another Relationship.


For many reasons, you should take time after your separation before you jump into another relationship. If you already have, you should consider putting it on hold until the divorce is finalized. Not only can your new relationship take a toll on your family, but it can also negatively impact you in the divorce process.


3.   Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Mediation.


Collaborative divorce is a topic of great scrutinty. Since it involves attorneys, divorce coaches, and therapists, the process is expensive and time-consuming. Mediation is different. During mediation, a third-party professional helps you and your spouse reach an agreement. It’s an ongoing process that works to save you money and get the right results for you, your spouse, and your children.


4.   Don’t Settle Early.


Of course, you don’t want to drag your divorce on forever, but don’t settle early because you want out immediately. Doing so can forfeit your financial security and lead to regret and significant financial problems in the future.


5.   Don’t Go to Court Without a Lawyer.


Even if you and your spouse agree on how your assets should be divided, it’s important to hire a divorce attorney. They will make sure you review and understand everything before you sign legal documents that can greatly impact your future. An experienced divorce attorney will help you get the fair results you deserve. They will also handle the paperwork and court system technicalities so you can focus on building your future.


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